Love Story


This is for someone who so far for me

At the noon that very bored in my cottage, suddenly my phone was ringing. I saw the number. Hmmm,, I didn’t know the number. I think the number was from my friend or my family. I tried to answer the phone. “ Hello” , she said like that. Oh,,,,,, the voice is very soft and friendly. I also answered her greeting. “hello , who is this ??”. She didn’t tell me who she is.  She asked me all of the question about me. But,, she never told me who she is.

A few minutes later, the phone was close. She sent me sms and she said that “ I am very happy know you”. I also happy because, since a long time ago I looked for a girl like her who very soft and friendly. She lives in South Jakarta. It so far for me. Now, I was very happy and I wanted to know her much closer from now although I never met with her.

First day, second day, third day, we passed the day with her. I was very enjoy with her. She sent to me some photos. Hmmm,,, beautiful enough. But , I didn’t too looking for the girl from her face. That very important is her attitude and characteristic.

One day, when I think about her. There were some attitude from her that make me doubt about her. My brain always think that she was never honest to me. Every I tried to call her, the phone often in hold. Because that I could think like this.

Now, I didn’t now what I would do. Besides, I want to know her much closer but in the other side, it’s very impossible to continue our relationship. I always praying to God in order that I get the best way to solve this problem.

Is there any one to give me your opinion???.


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